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 Kind   Obedient   Cheerful   Thrifty   Brave   Clean   Reverent


PLC Training

Posted on Aug 9 2017 - 5:35pm


There will be PLC position training on August 26th from 8:30am to Noon.

If you were just elected to a position in the PLC, or if you are planning on running for a position in the next election in February, you need to be at this training.

Medical Forms

Posted on Jun 6 2017 - 3:27pm

BSA requires scouts who participate in troop camp outs to have BSA medical forms on file with the troop. These forms must be updated yearly. You can find the forms on the website under "Links". There are 3 BSA medical forms. Forms A & B (form B has 2 pages) and form C.  Forms A & B  are needed for monthly scout camp outs. They can be completed by the scouts parent / guardian.  If a scout will be camping longer than 72 hours (Summer Camp or High Adventure), Form C will need to be completed by the scouts physician. School physical forms will not be accepted per BSA policy. Medical forms are good for one year using the date on the form. You can find your scouts medical form expiration dates on the website. Go to "Troop Roster" then "Scouts".  The dates will be listed under your scouts name. It can also be found on their Scoutbook account under "edit profile". Please make sure your scouts forms are up to date prior to summer camp. Scouts will not be allowed to attend CFL without all 3 current medical forms per BSA policy. Please turn in a current copy of your scouts insurance card along with the medical forms to Mrs. Kish.

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